Frequently Asked Questions
Suicide is a leading cause of death in the United States of America and has been a leader among persons that identify as a person on the rainbow (LGTBQIA+), especially in trans communities and adolescent communities. Adolescents that identify or are questioning their community affiliation run a higher risk of committing suicide. Suicide is not a topic we avoid at Redefining Minds Mobile Services PLLC. We assess ALL parties for the potential of suicide per session visit.
We provide care for people on the rainbow. We have some training. We refer where it's determined to be a
need. We are allies.
Trauma-Informed Care
We offer trauma-informed care for folk we are trained to help and have consulted with to provide their level of
care. We refer clients we believe could use more care.
Culturally Competent Care
We pride ourselves on the ability to offer “colorful” services. We work with persons that are from various
countries, backgrounds, origins, cultures, distinctions, differences, genders, religions, and those that experience
life in unique ways. We offer as much support as we can give various groups and refer citizens when we aren’t
able to provide an abundance of support for their needs.
We love the fact that the world isn’t built for one race, one ethnicity, one gender, one person, one group, or one
thing. We love the fact that many things and persons could exist at the same time.

We’re trained to assist people of various cultures and creeds. We recognize differences respectfully and refer if
there is a lack of understanding and education.

"Dark" Scenarios:
Ask us how we help clients in unique situations. Where there's silence, we are informed out loud. We could assist where there is collaboration. Ask us about special topics. Whatever your unlisted or potentially listed topic is ask to find out if it's one of our special topics. Our special topics are among other areas that have created unique changes in people's lives. Unfortunately, counselors/therapists aren't given the same review process as other providers due to the nature of the relationship. However, our numbers are over "115 sessions" and we are new. We began in February 2022. We've got internal reviews and some general statistics connected to community mental health.
Adolescents & Redefining Minds Mobile Services PLLC
(Adolescent period 11-17 years of age)

RMMS PLLC works with children between the ages of 16 and 17.
Adolescents rely on their “Amygdala.” They may look different, smell different, and act differently. We work
with all the things they may experience on a typical scale of going against the grain. Consultations help us
gather more details and vice versa here at RMMS PLLC. Yes! You would request them to “Fix” something,
but they may have a totally different idea of the “Fixing” they are looking for. We have clinical skills to dive
into if you would like. Statistics suggest “1 in 5 adolescents have a serious mental health diagnosis.”