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Redefining Minds Mobile Services PLLC was brought to life due to the demand of individuals, who exhibits concerns regarding high stress often thought of as anxiety in a fast-paced world. Anxiety had been a common theme throughout Elaijia’s work with various clients in the human services and children’s protective services fields. This company seeks to work with clients who experience concerns in the following areas:
Lack of motivation
Occupational stress
Relationship discord
Self-esteem struggles
Life transitions
Lifestyle transitions
Porn perceptions

Our Methods

Methods used to work with clients vary per client and are based on each client’s unique need. The list below provides some modalities used:

Motivational Interviewing

MI provides clients with the ability to make life revising habits for better solutions through accommodations and a changed attitude.

Reality Therapy

Reality Therapy allows the client and therapist to keep it real and address the “Elephant in the room.”

Solution-Focused Brief Therapy

SFBT provides clients with the ability to work through actionable goals to meet challenging scenarios.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

CBT provides clients with the ability to focus on maladaptive behaviors and thoughts and work to revise them. CBT leads clients through challenging core beliefs.

Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing Therapy (EMDR)

EMDR provides clients the opportunity to self-discover within their bodies by navigating bodily sensations. Throughout the process clients learn to focus on uncomfortable physiological symptoms. Clients are directed to uninstall traumatic and negative experiences and install positive beliefs.